STEM 3 in 1 Spiral Spring Science Kit

STEM 3 in 1 Spiral Spring Science Kit

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Have you ever wondered the power source of a wind-up car? when does the clock ticking sound of dad's mechanical watch come from? the secret lies in the main springs. Centered on the clockword there is a spiral torsion spring. 

we can store the energy by winding it tightly, and then release it to trigger the inner mechanical operation 

  • Spring bot: The spiral spring works with high-speed escapement, providing the robot steady power to walk 50 Centimeters. Wadding around with his quirky face, you will find him as the funniest and most hilarious buddy ever! 
  • Spring time: the spiral spring works with low-speed escapement, performing as a 6 minute countdown timer with ticking sound . Check out when the chocolate cake in oven will be ready, or your favorite TV show is coming up? This helpful device won't let you miss any fun in your life. 
  •  Spring Car: Wind-up tightly and then release. The car will run  at full speed surprisingly up to 14 meters. show your friends how fas ut can go. Lose a reace Game?  Not A chance. 


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