STEM 3 in 1 Spiral Spring Science Kit

STEM 3 in 1 Spiral Spring Science Kit

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Dive into the fascinating world of spring power with our comprehensive Spring-Powered Fun Bundle! Have you ever wondered about the source of energy behind wind-up cars and mechanical watches? It's all thanks to the main springs—a spiral torsion spring at the heart of it all.

Let's explore each component:

  1. Spring Bot: Powered by a spiral spring with a high-speed escapement, this quirky robot can walk up to 50 centimeters. With its playful demeanor and hilarious antics, it's sure to become your favorite buddy!
  2. Spring Time Timer: Featuring a spiral spring with a low-speed escapement, this timer serves as a 6-minute countdown with a ticking sound. Perfect for keeping track of baking times or ensuring you never miss your favorite TV show.
  3. Spring Car: Wind it up tightly and release to witness the surprising speed of this wind-up car, capable of racing up to 14 meters. Impress your friends with its impressive performance and leave no chance of losing a race game!

Whether you're fascinated by mechanics or simply love having fun with spring-powered gadgets, our bundle offers endless entertainment and exploration. Discover the magic of spring energy and add excitement to your adventures—get your Spring-Powered Fun Bundle today

How does it work : 

The Spring-Powered Fun Bundle harnesses the energy stored in spiral torsion springs to power its three components: the Spring Bot, Spring Time Timer, and Spring Car.

  1. Spring Bot:

    • This quirky robot utilizes a spiral spring with a high-speed escapement mechanism.
    • When the spring is wound tightly, it stores potential energy.
    • Upon release, the stored energy is transferred to the robot's mechanical components, enabling it to walk up to 50 centimeters.
    • The high-speed escapement ensures steady power delivery, allowing the robot to move with lively and humorous antics.
  2. Spring Time Timer:

    • The timer features a spiral spring with a low-speed escapement mechanism.
    • As the spring is wound tightly, it stores potential energy.
    • The spring slowly unwinds over a period of 6 minutes, thanks to the low-speed escapement, producing a ticking sound similar to a mechanical clock.
    • This countdown timer is ideal for various timekeeping tasks, such as monitoring baking times or keeping track of scheduled activities.
  3. Spring Car:

    • The wind-up car also relies on a tightly wound spiral spring for power.
    • As the spring is wound, potential energy is stored within it.
    • Upon release, the stored energy is rapidly transferred to the car's wheels, propelling it forward at surprising speed.
    • The car can race up to 14 meters, providing exciting entertainment and demonstrating the impressive capabilities of spring-powered motion.

Overall, each component of the Spring-Powered Fun Bundle demonstrates the fascinating principles of spring energy and mechanical motion in a fun and engaging way.


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