Magnetic Times Tables

Magnetic Times Tables

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Learn Table the FUn way !

  • Magnetic board and pen 
  • Double side. dry -wipe
  • Broad size 18 x 25 cm 
  • 144 double - sided pieces

Here is some Activities to try: 

  • Tip: Only use pieces from tables that child has learned. Start with 2s,10s and 5s, then move on to 3s, 4s and others. Relax, give it time- it can take children few years to master all the tables.
  • quiz: place pieces from one table questions side up in the boxes on the magnetic board. write in the answer. Role Reversal ! : as above, but show the answers and write in the questions.
  • Flash magnets: Place pieces questions side up on table and try to answer, stick it on board; incorrect, try again! 


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