Magnetic Tell The Time

Magnetic Tell The Time

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A fun interactive teaching Clock

Magnetic board and Pen 

Here is some activities to try : 

  • Time is a tricky for children to understand, so it is best to learn in stages. Start with 1 o' clock, 2 o' clock ... and do use  the activity pieces p associate the time of day with your child's usual activities to help reinforce understanding. When ready, introduce " half -past ", " quarter past" and " quarter to "  The hours. Then , Start to practice these as digital times before moving onto more complex times such as " 25 minutes past/ to.. and am/pm. Be patient, though; it can take weeks or months to understand a stage.
  • As with all learning, it is best to spend a few minutes daily. whenever possible, it is useful to talk about the time during the day so your children can see how it fits with their lives. 


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