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Award-Winning Lizard-Like AI Robot Science Kit | STEM Learning Toy

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  • Dive into the fascinating world of robotics with our award-winning Lizard-Like AI Robot Science Kit! Winner of the Creative Child TOP TOY AWARD, this interactive robot is programmed for both avoidance and following based on environmental interactions.


    • Interactive Environmental Interactions: Equipped with sensors, the robot interacts with its surroundings, mimicking the behavior of a real lizard.
    • Follow-Me Mode: Assessing potential threats, it unfurls its frill and shakes it, engaging in interactive play.
    • Escape Mode: Reacts with a 'shocked!' response and scurries away to safety if danger is sensed.
    • Programmed Behavior: Mimics instinctual reactions of a lizard to threats, providing an immersive learning experience.
    • Easy Assembly: Includes everything needed for assembly except 4 AAA batteries.
    • STEM Learning: Perfect for ages 10 and up, fostering an interest in robotics and animal behavior.


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