STEM Smart Lab  Toys Kit  - MAGIC ANIMAL

STEM Smart Lab Toys Kit - MAGIC ANIMAL

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Learning Goal
Fun Facts ! what are Crystals?
Some mineral possess a very special quality: they form cubes, sharp with smooth faces that sparkle in the light. those colourless with regular shape, such as ice, we call them crystals. they form when atoms or molecules line themselves up in ordered way.
What happened here?
in this kit, the liquid solution go through a process called crystallisation. Through evaporation, the liquid disappears leaving behind tiny particles. these particles arranged themselves in orderly, repetitive patterns, forming beautiful dimensional crystals.
  • Fun and educational
  • Performance and quality tested
  • Great fun for children of all ages
  • The  Magic Animals version features tailored components such as a mix and measure scoop, test tubes with squishy lids and more
  • Great formula tested 
  • More than just a toy and book, SmartLab products satisfy and engage a child's curiosity
  • Science becomes an adventure


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