STEM Smart Lab  Toys Kit  - Plaster Experiments

STEM Smart Lab Toys Kit - Plaster Experiments

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Learning Goal : 
How does something become a fossil?
Live.Die.Get Buried
Well, it is not as Simple as it sounds. Most Plants  and animals decay very quick or get eaten after dying. Before becoming a fossil, it has to be buried rapidly and repeatedly by sediment ( like mud). There is body fossils, includes any part of the actual  animals or plants, such as bones, shells and leaves. there is also trace fossils, which provides evidences of the activities of ancients animals-something body fossil can't do. One single animal can make countless of trace in it lifetime, but only leaves one body behind when dies.
  • Fun and educational
  • Performance and quality tested
  • Great fun for children of all ages
  • The Fossil & Stone  version features tailored components such as a mix and measure scoop, test tubes with squishy lids and more
  • Great formula tested 
  • More than just a toy and book, SmartLab products satisfy and engage a child's curiosity
  • Science becomes an adventure


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