STEM 6 in 1 Gyroscope Kit

STEM 6 in 1 Gyroscope Kit


what comes up to your mind when you think about spinning top? A round - shape object spinning a long time on the ground? Yes, it could be right, it can be something more fascinating! The 6- in-1 gyroscope experimental kit offer you total of 6 brand new ideas, taking the spinning top game to whole new level. From Stage 1 - keep the spinning top rotating without falling down from the tower, to stage 6-lead and secure the little guy finishing a long track in the 3D world, you will not only have a lot fun challenging your techniques, but also learning gyroscopic basic  physics, such as rotation, precession, nutation, and inertia at the same time. 

The environment - friendly kit needs no battery at all. By pulling the rip cord, you can easily power and accelerate it. The kit can be dissemble  into 6 different styles. 


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