DIY 3D Building Dinosaur

ROBUD brand image is a cute chameleon.The chameleon is born with the control of color,and the color feeling is also the first impression of human observation of the world. Expressing emotions with color is precisely the life aesthetics that ROBUD wants to give the children. "Bud" is the meaning of budding, We hope that the children's artistic talent will spontaneously explore in play. Freedom, art, creativity, happiness, these qualities are born with every child, just like every child is a "ROBUD".

The Dinosaur modeling clay set comes packed in a original sealed beautiful box! Watch as your child's face lights up when they see the different colors and massive possibilities ahead when opening the set for the first time.

Package contains:

6 cans magic clay(18g*6) / 2 pcs wooden plywood for assembling skeleton / 2 plastic eyes / 1 Dinosaur Cognitive card

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