3D Wall Decoration Wooden Puzzle

Hunting for trophies are too mainstream and bad for the environment. As an animal lover that cares about the wild, there are other ways to beautify the home. What better way than your very own 3D wooden puzzle that you can show off as a trophy. What's more, it blends in perfectly with your other unique decor.


  • Material: Wood
  • Design: Elephant
  • Number of Pieces: 14-21
  • Finished Size: 19 x 24 x 30cm
  • Perfect gift for that hipster friend


AW301 deer Size is approx 19X26X33CM,component count 14 pcs
AW302 Elephant Size is approx 19X24X18CM,component count 21 pcs
AW303 antelope Size is approx 19X21X35CM,component count 15 pcs
AW304 COW Size is approx 19X21X20CM,component count 14 pcs
AW305 Acturus deer Size is approx 18X29X24CM,component count 14 pcs
AW306 unicorn Size is approx 21X10X21CM,component count 24 pcs